Will GTA 6 finally have a female protagonist?

With great power comes great responsibility. These are words of guidance for the developers at Rockstar Games. They are known to take social responsibility with their games. They know they reach millions of consumers with their games and they feel the weight on their shoulder. School shootings, police brutality and increased political polarization are examples of real life events that has shaped the development of the GTA franchise the last couple of years.

Rockstar Games has sold an incredible 170 million units of GTA V. Among these there are both men and women. However, GTA V does not feature a female protagonist – something Rockstar Games has been criticized for.

In the September 2022 leak we saw a lot of video and footage from the games. This leak sparked the question – are we finally getting a female main character in GTA 6? It is about time. The gaming industry is no longer a bunch guys – there are also a lot of of female gamers. Why wouldn’t they want to play female characters?

Is this the female main character of GTA 6?

Leaks of the GTA 6 game suggest a male and female protagonist. We have long had rumours about a female protagonist for Grand Theft Auto 6 and the leaks do confirm it. However, it is important to remember that the leaked footage is from September 2022 and might have been recorded far earlier than that. Meaning that the footage is made about two years before the actual release date.

What would it mean to have a female protagonist for GTA 6?

Rockstar Games would take the lead in gender neutral gaming introducing a female main character. While the Grand Theft Auto label has long been associated with male stereotypical gaming, including shoot outs, fast cars and strip clubs, it would be a breathe of fresh air to have female characters taking the main role.

Gaming is becoming more and more common across all age groups and across gender lines. Gaming is no longer a guys-thing. Men and women, boys and girls of all ages are enjoying video games.

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