What Are the Possible Locations of Grand Theft Auto 6?

GTA 6 or Grand Theft Auto 6 is an upcoming sequel to the highly famous series of Grand Theft Auto. It is rumored to be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players soon. If it’s going to be like GTA 5, it will be made available to PC gamers at a later date. The time of its release hasn’t been announced officially yet, but it is predicted to be launched in the market around 2018 or beyond.

Potential Locations of GTA 6

As all hardcore fans are desperately waiting for this much-awaited game, there are a lot of questions in their minds. For instance, what’s going to be the possible location? Well, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed the location yet. It had earlier talked about Tokyo, but it is not guaranteed yet. Let’s look into the users’ wish list for the location of GTA 6.


Some diehard fans speculate that since GTA 6 is going to be huge, Rockstar might have created the map based on the entire US. While this concept is way too big and might seem far from execution, some games such as The Crew have proven that such things are possible on recent consoles.

Grand Theft Auto VI Possible Locations Image

Grand Theft Auto VI Possible Locations Image

Vice City

There are chances that Vice City might return in the future games in the Grand Theft Auto series. The developers have given only a few references to such a huge city. As Vice City is a part of this game’s universe, players will love to revisit it anytime. Also, this city is fit for these types of games because of its whole outlook. There are also rumors flying around that maybe the location will be Vice City but in a different period such as the 1980s. Isn’t it going to be amazing, revisiting the same area but in an entirely different era?

San Andreas

Some fans think that Rockstar might keep the location of Grand Theft Auto 5, San Andreas, in its upcoming game. However, they might add a few territories to this place such as Las Venturas or San Fierro that were not found in GTA V. Due to the console limitations, Rockstar had covered only Blaine and Los Santos in the most recent installment of the game. Nevertheless, fans have shown a lot of interest in the other part of San Andreas too.

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