The GTA 6 September 2022 leak

This post is a full guide to all information revealed in the GTA 6 leak on September 19, 2022. On the GTAForums, a fan site for GTA, a user named teapotuberhacker dumped a massive leak, consisting of over 90 videos with lengths between seconds to a few minutes. Rockstar later confirmed the legitimacy of the material, claiming they had suffered a network intrusion. The leaker claimed that the material was sourced from an internal Slack group within Rockstar.

It is widely claimed that this leak was the biggest leak of any game development. No wonder the interest was big for the material, as the rumours about GTA 6 has been well on the way since 2020. GTA V is to date the most popular video game with sales closing in to 200 million copies. No other game has ever gotten to that number before. It is safe to say that GTA V was the game that made gaming mainstream. Just to give an insight on how popular GTA V was, it crashed the Epic Games store when it was given out as a weekly freebie.

If you want to view actual videos from the leak, feel free to make your own search on Youtube. We will not be embedding Youtube-videos in this article as Rockstar is doing everything in their power to get the videos removed from the Internet. Embedding them here would just lead to an article filled with ‘Unavailable video’ content.

Main Characters of GTA 6

The leaks gives us hints that the game will contain multiple protagonists, just like we are used to from GTA V. Some images also suggests that we are finally getting a female protagonist.

Is this the coming female protagonist of GTA VI?

The names of the characters in the leak are referred to as Lucia and Jason. Introducing a female protagonist, especially in the combination with a male protagonist has launched many into believing that GTA 6 will have a Bonnie & Clyde inspired theme. This would not be the first rumour claiming this inspiration.

The map and location of GTA VI

Several indicators points that Vice City is making a return for GTA 6! Vice City map is loosely based on Miami and Miami Beach.

A screenshot from the September leaks of Grand Theft Auto 6.

However, just because the map in the leak is based on the previous Vice City map, it is possible that the map was just rendered for testing the game out. However, Vice City was one of the most popular maps used in the GTA franchise and a lot of old GTA players have been waiting for a revamp and return.

How safe are the contents of the GTA leak?

How can we be sure that the information in the leak is legit? We can’t. A leak such as the September leak is not to be considered to be truth or a representation of the actual game. A leak that happens about 2 years from the release date is still subject to a lot of changes. Game developers usually use technology developed for previous games, such as GTA V, when testing different game mechanics.

The leak is considered to be legit, as Rockstar has confirmed the leak. Below is a press release by Rockstar regarding the September leak.

A message from Rockstar Games regarding the leak

Who is teapotuberhacker?

Who is this culprit that seem to have access to information that the whole internet is longing for? Nobody knows for sure. He has taken credit for an attack on Uber as well. Uber has responded that they believe they got infiltrated by a hacker group called Lapsus$, so it is possible that teapotuberhacker is a part of this or another hacker group.

It is said that a 17-year old man was arrested in the UK following the leak, as FBI had been involved in the data breach.

What technical requirements will GTA 6 have for PC?

As we are still far from the release of the game, game footage from the leak gives us some hints. Certain footage show that the hardware used is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 at 720p with HDR disabled. This may or may not hint that Rockstar Games are navigating optimization for lower-end systems. This would be a warm welcome to gamers on a budget.

Conclusion about the leak of GTA VI

As every day passes we get a day closer to the actual release. We are still awaiting the official trailer of GTA 6. This website will be updated with information as we go along. In the meantime, you can have a look at this very interesting Youtube-video by Tom Henderson.

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