GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6 is the highly anticipated and much-awaited game of the GTA series. If you are a hardcore fan of Grand Theft Auto, you must have heard the news of the release of its sixth chapter in either June or July 2017. However, the rumors about GTA 6 Release date that were flying around the internet for the past few months have been rejected.

According to the game developers, this game is not due to be released by the end of 2017. Yes, there are huge chances that you might not be able to get hold of this upcoming game before 2018. This news is indeed saddening for the fans of GTA, but don’t worry too much as it has only been postponed and not canceled. While fans might have to wait for a long time, all this waiting will be worth it. You know why? Because according to sources, the game developers are trying to make this game bigger and better by adding some new, improved, and unique features, due of which it has been delayed.

However, that’s not the only reason for deferring the release date of GTA 6. Below are all the reasons why Grand Theft Auto 6 has been put off and when it is going to be launched for the fans.

GTA 6 Release Date Image

GTA 6 Release Date Image

GTA 6 Release Date: Why Has It Been Delayed?

The admirers of Grand Theft Auto 6 are desperately waiting for the game to be released, but it seems like Rockstar Games has some other major plans too. Apart from testing fans’ patience, it is also planning to launch Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2017, which means that there will not be a sixth installation of Grand Theft Auto in that year.

The developers are putting their entire focus on the second part of Red Dead Redemption and solely working on it to make it a huge success just like its first part. So it’s not a bad thing; after all, you will get another new game while you wait for the one you want the most.

Another reason is that Rockstar Games is still giving its full attention to the most recent edition of GTA, which is Grand Theft Auto 5. As this game has been the most successful installment of the entire series, the producers want fans to appreciate it and don’t start anticipating for the next episode just yet.

Apart from that, other rumors revolving around the much-anticipated game’s delay is that the multi-million budget might be a lot for the developers to handle. The making and development of Grand Theft Auto 5 cost a whopping $265 million. As GTA 6 will be bigger than its predecessor and may feature AR or VR support, it will surely cost way more than the previous versions.

Even though Rockstar Games is avoiding as much as it can to spill any possible details about the yet-to-be-launched game to decrease its hype for a while, fans are getting more and more impatient. The demand as well as its hype is increasing day by day, due to which we hope that the official news about its release or any relevant details will be made public pretty soon.

No doubt, GTA 6 has maintained its mystery after the release of GTA 5, but its fans are not sitting silently. They are trying to piece the puzzle by watching the previous and recent news to discover when exactly this game will be revealed to the public. Also, they are looking for clues in the last game and trying to figure out what possible things can be there in the upcoming installment.

GTA 6 Release Date: When Will It Be Released?

GTA 6 or Grand Theft Auto 6 is believed to be launched in the year 2018, but this has not been confirmed yet. Even though more reports are agreeing that 2018 is the year this game will be released, some sources have also suggested that it won’t be made available to the public before the year 2020. It is indeed shocking, but since nothing much has officially been said about GTA 6, we can still hope that it will make an appearance soon.

One thing is for sure: whatever the confirmed GTA 6 release date of this game, fans won’t be hearing any big news or updates anytime soon from Rockstar Games as it is giving its entire attention to Red Dead Redemption 2. But there is still hope. Just like the video game developers haven’t confirmed any of the rumors and surrounding news, they also haven’t denied them. So who knows, maybe the fans will get a surprise from the developers? No doubt, it is such a massive series that its existence is enough to start the hype.

We hope that the hardcore devotees don’t have to wait for too long. Until then, fans can go and make wish lists for this game. There are huge chances that the game developers might see them and add one or more features from your list if they like. Do you know some possible new features that are most likely to be in the upcoming game? If you don’t, then here is a small list to make you happy.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date: Possible Features

Some of these things are what people want to see in Grand Theft Auto 6, and some are what fans found out by carefully listening or reading about the latest news regarding this highly anticipated game.

  • GTA 6 might contain a strong female protagonist. Yes, it is one unprecedented feature that never occurred in any of the previous installments.
  • It might also come with a fresh and new location. It could have been some other unseen areas of San Andreas or maybe an entirely new place.
  • The story might be set across various cities rather than one.
  • It might also contain better vehicle variation.
  • There might also be an addition to fuel gauges.
  • Apart from that, a more interactive city population, more inside jobs, and other various things are said to be featured in the upcoming GTA 6.

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