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Before the release of GTA 5, the game had been one of the most highly anticipated launches of all time. After its release, the anticipation has now shifted to the release of GTA 6. GTA 5 managed to deliver all that we had expected from it. Not only did we get a lot of entertainment out of it, but we also got a new map, missions, characters, and better graphics. But that all seems to be old news now. What interests us more is GTA 6 and what the game will offer us. The expectations from GTA 6 and GTA 6 Map are even higher than they were from GTA 5 and only time will tell whether the game will deliver.

One of the things that grabbed our interest in GTA 5 was its map. It was big enough to let us enjoy for hours, but it lacked the intensity that we hope will be made up by the GTA 6 map. The GTA 6 map has not been confirmed yet, so please bear in mind that all the news you may be hearing regarding the map is just rumors so far. The actual map might be released somewhere in 2017. One such story that has gained a lot of popularity is that the company might be incorporating the entire map of the US in the game, which includes some of the top big cities in the country. Only time will tell how accurate these rumors are and how much we should have believed in them.

Now the question arises, what will the map for GTA 6 be like? Will it cover the entire country? Will the location finally be changed to some place outside the US? One thing that is certain is that making such a large map will not be easy for the developers, but it sure will be perfect for us players as that will give us more ground to cover.

Global Grand Theft Auto 6 map

You might be thinking that Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA, should just come up with a world map and get over with it and it would be more entertaining that way. However, the truth is that if the company does decide to do that, there will be a few downfalls. First of all, it would take up too much space in the memory due to which you will require a bigger storage space. Secondly, the game itself will take a lot of time to load. If a global map is made, it is highly possible that the developers may focus less on the game itself, which may turn out to be not so good. Plus, if they do release a global map, there won’t be anything different to cover in the next game, making the game next to obsolete. Hence, we do not think that having a global map is a good idea. The company should stick to one or two cities, maybe one local and one global, just to make the game a little more exciting for us.


As stated before, one rumor that has gained a lot of popularity is that the company might be incorporating the entire map of US in the game. But it does not end here; some say that the GTA 6 map can also include London or more places from the UK. The problem here would be that the cars are right-hand drive in the UK, so those who are used to left-hand drives will find it quite difficult to get used to it.

Even though the idea of taking GTA abroad had been disregarded previously as it seemed like a complicated process, recently the co-founder of Rockstar Games has given hints that they do not want GTA to be limited to the American culture and look forward to exploring more options. Due to this, fans have started speculating that the next big city that GTA will take place in will be London.

We even heard that the developers tinkered with the idea of placing the map of Tokyo in GTA 6. The reason for them disregarding the idea is not clear, but as far as we know, the developers had been to the city to take a look at the road system and found it to be extremely complicated to use in the game. Another rumor going around is that the map of GTA 6 might include the likes of Texas, Vice City, Houston or even bigger cities such as New York and Miami.

Other locations that you might want to add to these rumors are Las Venturas and San Fierro. The reason for these two sites being a big possibility is the fact that the map of San Andreas in GTA 5 was never completed, and it is believed that this part of the map would make the perfect addition to the sequel. But one thing that might be true is that the company has finally decided that it has had enough of the big cities in the US and would like to take it down a notch and enter other lesser-known cities as well.

GTA 6 Map Location Photo

GTA 6 Map Location Photo

GTA 6 map features

No matter what city or country the company decides to choose (yes, the map does matter to us a lot), we would like them to add more missions to the game as well and the game allows us to explore the entire city easily. Not only will it take our gaming experience to the next level, but it will also give us some something new to look forward to and explore.

So now you know the top rumors circulating the internet. Only time will tell which GTA 6 map the developers choose and how extensive it will be. One thing we are certain about is that the game will be just as entertaining as the previous version, if not better, and it might be just as big a hit in the market.

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