GTA 6 – Grand Theft Auro 6: What we know

A popular franchise

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that has managed to attain profound popularity in the world of gaming. It has been three years since the release of GTA 5 and fans have been eagerly waiting for the next installment of the game. GTA 6 is among the most anticipated games, so we are going to shed some light on the details that are known about this edition at this point of time. The announcement of GTA 6 is expected soon as promised by Take-Two Interactive. Speculations are rife that the game is in the process of development and work has been started on it. This has, of course, gotten fans all the more excited. As of now, the tentative release date for the game is somewhere in the late 2018 or the middle of 2019. Thus, the trailer is likely to hit the market by next year.

GTA 6 - Grand Theft Auto 6 Image

GTA 6 – Grand Theft Auto 6 Image

Details about the GTA 6 game

According to the rumors and news that have been doing the rounds, GTA 6 is expected to have a futuristic setting, which implies that the game would be devoid of any locations or cars that have an association with the present or even the past. This would certainly be in contrast to the previous editions of the game, so you can expect to see something totally new and exciting from GTA 6. However, whether the core concept of the game would also be changed is something that remains to be seen. The GTA series has managed to attain success and fan following because its concept worked with the players. Whether the developers would be willing to change something that is beneficial for their project is something that time will reveal.

Analysts have also speculated that various cities have been shortlisted where the game would be taking place. While some believe that the game would be set out of the US, for others, the probability of the game being located within the US is more likely. It is rumored that Sin City might be the next game that GTA introduces. We will have to wait for official confirmation to know about this. Some also believe that the game would be set in San Diego since it has everything required to be a GTA city.

A long wait has to be endured

There is quite a bit of wait for those who are yearning for the launch of GTA 6, so a lot of changes are expected in the game as it goes through the various stages of development. Therefore, not a lot can be said about how the final product will be. However, if the updates are to be believed, the game is likely to take a departure from its traditional style and move to something different. This is something that has made the fans skeptical as well as excited. They can’t wait to see what the developers will bring to the table. At the same time, they do not fancy the idea of their favorite game changing so much that they would not be able to recognize it.

Most fans want GTA 6 to contain supercars. Furthermore, it is expected that GTA 6 will have a female protagonist.

It is expected that the former president and Rockstar fallout will affect GTA 6 in a big way since the former president played a pivotal role in the development of the previous editions of the game, so his absence will be noticeable.

While the details might be obscure and there might be a lot of doubts regarding the game, one thing that can be said with certainty is that you will get to hear about GTA 6. This has been a profitable venture for the publishers, and they will not miss out on the opportunity. Another thing that you can be certain of is that Rockstar will not let anything hamper with quality. Thus, the game will only be released when it is confident that the game meets its standards.

It is expected that Rockstar would announce another game before it makes an official announcement regarding GTA 6. Fans can only hope that after the long wait, they will get what they have been waiting for and would not have to be disappointed.

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